5 Tips to Increase Your Value and Appeal Without Breaking the Budget

Ok, so, you are ready to sell your home. You know you need to make some improvements, but budget is tight, and you want to make the property more appealing.

I know the feeling…

With my experience as an appraiser and as a real estate broker,  I have come up with five items that will help in raising the value of your home while also generating appeal for your new buyers.

1. Kitchen
The kitchen is the most important area for the buyer . If the kitchen has not been updated in about 15 years, chances are it will need some refreshing.
The first item I would change is the kitchen hardware.  This means door knobs and  door hinges. By changing these items, you would make the kitchen look updated without breaking a sweat. If the kitchen doors are not leveled or closing correctly, this also doubles as a great fix.

Second, insert a Sticker tiled back splash.  Installing a back splash not only refreshes the kitchen, but also makes it more appealing to your buyers.  You can find the back splash in home depot for less than $10 a sheet.  If you are handy you can install them yourself. If not, Home Depot provides classes on this. You can also easily  find a suitable tutorial on YouTube.com.

2. Bathroom
Bathrooms are the 2nd most important area for your buyers. While There are many things you can do to your bathroom, the most cost effective changes are the ones dealing with hardware. By updating the hardware…meaning the knobs, faucet, shower head, toilet seat, lighting, and mirror, you can change the whole feel of the bathroom.

Home Depots offer many options for your hardware. You can First go online to the home depot website and see which options appeal to you. Then you can go to the store to see what they carry in person. The lighting should be very fun to choose. There are literally hundreds of options.

​If you currently have a border-less mirror, it’s time to make the upgrade.  Depending on your preference, you can choose one long picture framed mirror, or two side by side picture framed mirrors.  Make sure you choose the frame and color to go with your current look.  Amazon.com also has great choices and prices.

3. AC filter, vents, and Clean up.
If you have a home with dirty vents, I recommend hiring a company to clean out the dust in the vents.  Once those vents are clean, replace the Air Filter and make sure you do the monthly maintenance.  If you are not aware what the monthly maintenance is, I’ll gladly tell you…change the filter and insert 1 cup of vinegar with 1 gallon of water through the insert near the ac handler. Done.

Once you complete that, change the vents on the ceilings. This makes a huge difference. I’m not saying change all of them, but you would do well to change the ones near the entrance, kitchen, and living areas.

4. Front Yard
If the kitchen is the most important room inside the home, the front yard is the most important area outside the home. This is because the yard is the first place your buyers will see.  You may be able to get away with having a poorly designed front yard while having a great interior, but first impressions count!!

​Have you ever heard the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, this does not necessarily apply to real estate.  You need to grab the buyer with a “WOW” factor in order for them to stop the car and desire to see inside of your home. One easy way to do this is By simply adding red mulch or white rocks to the front yard. Why red or white? Well, if you drive by a home that has brown or black mulch/rocks, does it stand out?……Didn’t think so.  What you want to do is create an attention-grabbing contrast between your home and the front yard. The colors red and white are perfect for achieving this result.

Lastly, you can insert various plants and flowers to give your yard an “at home” feeling. Color goes a long way here as well!

5. Paint
Paint, In my opinion, is one of the “WOW” factors that buyers notice when it’s new. This is especially true inside of the home.  Most paint usually fades after 5 years +/-.  Once you slap on a new coat, not only will you get rid of all of the markings from your kids ( bumps, scratches, etc.,), but also make your walls appear as if they where built and finished the day before. Try and let me know.

​I hope these tips are helpful to you.  They have worked for me many times. To read the latest blog post, click here. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us (407) 930-4490. We will be happy to help.


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